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No person is allowed to reproduce the mythical stories without permission from Mr Lowis Mujai and Da-Wan-Ki Farm & Homestay

‘Mawbru’ comprises the male and female rocks where the male rock is situated at Sawkhlieh village (now known as Rongjek) and the female rock at Mawsladiang village respectively. The female rock is already a huge tourist attraction where people comes and worship the Maa Monokamana Mandir popularly known as Mawkynthei among the Khasis. Legend has it that emergence of the rocks was the result of the following historical myth.Read more...
Mawsawa is situated on the border of Umsohphoh village and Laru village. The legend is about two sisters, Umiam and Umkhen who were competing against each other in their quest to grab their fortunes.  Umiam  was  led  by  a ‘tham’ (crab)  whereas  Umkhen was led by a ‘wiehjarung’ (big  worm). Read more...

Ka Mawhati
The significance of ‘Ka Mawhati’ is that it is a boulder which looks  like  a  nursing elephant.  It is  located in the middle of the Umkhen river under Khliehumwang area. The history of  Ka Mawhati lies in the legend of two sisters. Read more...
Mawbah Mawshyieng
‘Mawbah Mawshyieng’ is the most sacred tomb of the traditional tribes of the Khasis  and Jaintias.  It is located in the sacred grove of the  12 (twelve) clans of Nongtung which includes Saring, Mujai, Makdoh, Lamarai, Shadap, Sten, Mapur, Lamare, Pale, Masharing, Masynting and Lyngdoh. This place is in Ummat village. Read more...

Significant rocks that are nearby Ummat Village
Near the Mawbah Mawshyieng, there are a few rocks namely, Maw Teh Masi, Maw Kaweh, Maw Mih , Maw Pampih, Maw Dih Kyiad and Maw Malang which have mythical historical stories. These rocks are located near Ummat village. View more
Bir Mahadei
Bir Mahadei (Umiam Bridge) at Moorathud Village. Upstream side is a nice spot known as Umsaitstar and a good spot fro anglers to catch local fish.

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