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Mawsawa is situated on the border of Umsohphoh village and Laru village. The legend is about two sisters, Umiam and Umkhen who were competing against each other in their quest to grab their fortunes.  Umiam  was  led  by  a ‘tham’ (crab)  whereas  Umkhen was led by a ‘wiehjarung’ (big  worm). They were accompanied by servants and subjects who celebrated with great pomp and gaiety on their way to the plains. However, on the way,  a messenger by the name of “Umlet” (tributary of Umiam river) informed  Umiam   that  her    sister Umkhen had reached the destination first and grabbed all the riches and fortunes of the plains.  The  news  startled  Umiam   who    threw all   her musical instruments  including   the ‘Bom’,  the ‘Ksing’  and  the  ‘Nakra’ on the ground and sped off  towards  the destination by eroding everything along its way. Today, we can still see the relics of Umiam’s musical  instruments strewn all over the place. It’s wonderful to see and hear that these musical instruments which are now rocks make musical sounds exactly according to the musical instruments thrown by Umiam. To mark Umkhen’s victory, to this day we can see that Umkhen river is an angler’s paradise

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