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Mawbah Mawshyieng
‘Mawbah Mawshyieng’ is the most sacred tomb of the traditional tribes of the Khasis  and Jaintias.  It is located in the sacred grove of the  12 (twelve) clans of Nongtung which includes Saring, Mujai, Makdoh, Lamarai, Shadap, Sten, Mapur, Lamare, Pale, Masharing, Masynting and Lyngdoh. This place is in Ummat village.
      The belief is that  if  any  member  of   the twelve clans die, the person has to be cremated and his remains which  includes  bones  and  ashes have to be buried in the ‘Mawbah Mawshyieng’  in  order   to reach heaven. If they fail to  do so,  their   souls will get stuck on way and will  never  reach  heaven .

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