Farm and Homestay

Welcome to   DA-WAN-KI farm and home stay situated in Umpohwin village,  Ri Bhoi District. It is about  2 (two) hours journey from Shillong  beyond Bhoirymbong village.

How to get there

                 The Route is via Umiam Lake - Umroi - Bhoirymbong - Mawtneng - Mawbri - Liarbang - Mawshut - Umpohwin - Mawlasnai - Mawlasnai PHC - Homestay. Its take less than 2 hours from Shillong. Signboards available at Bhoirymbong Shillong By Pass junction - Liarbang - Umpohwin - Mawlasnai.
Tourists can take Umpohwin Tata Sumos from Shillong Garikhana Sumo Stand which can ferry them up to the Home stay. The Sumo leaves Shillong between 2 - 4 PM and leaves for Shillong at 7 - 8 AM daily. These Tata Sumos can picked Tourists from the Home stay prior to their departure to Shillong.
The Sumo drivers (1) Mr. B. Makdoh can be contacted at Mobile no. 8575557424 and his Sumo No. is ML 10 A 5603 (2) Mr. D. Sten can be contacted at Mobile no. 9856574607 and his Sumo No. is ML 10 A 8482 and (3) Sri. K. Shadap at Mobile no. 8014404053 and his Sumo No. is ML 10 A 7431.

Things to Do

Boat Rides
Pony Rides
Natural pool for Children
Rope Swinging from tree
Swing and Slides
Picnic spot
Fishing from Monday till Friday

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Umpohwin, village
P.O Mawlasnai
Ri-Bhoi District,
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